Help Me Choose A Cover For My Musketeers.

Magnificent Valor is an upcoming series about the four musketeers. The first novel is set in 1643 France and revolves around Athos, his love interest and a plot against a young Louis XIV. The novel retains the flavor of the original by Dumas, while following the historical records of the actual musketeers. All grey areas are filled in with my vivid imagination.
The talented Malinda Prud’homme has finished my book cover. I now have four choices and I can’t decide. Which one is your favorite? Voting will run from September 8-15. Thanks for your help.

Magnificent Valour - Book Cover Voting

You can also vote and see more of Malinda’s work at or visit her website

0 thoughts on “Help Me Choose A Cover For My Musketeers.”

  1. I am torn between 2 & 4. I think, I’d just favour #4, but I’d like a capital A for Athos.
    Love the design tough. Beautiful – looks classy (which reflects your writing perfectly)

  2. I like 1. The swords grab my attention first in all the others. What do you want to grab readers attention? I think the first appears more balanced, but maybe put your name at the bottom. They all look fab, though, I love the swords.

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