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Merlin’s Reckoning


A Medieval Encounter #1.5

Merlin scours the earth to take revenge on Vivien. Yet when he finds her, will he exact retribution or learn from past mistakes?

Coming 2018

Magnificent Valor


Book 1: The Story of Athos

The love story of Athos and Rosalind is set to the background of a turbulent France in 1643. The King is dead and a five-year-old takes the throne. Anne of Austria struggles to hold power for her son, Louis XIV, against the treachery of her in-laws and the deceit of French courtiers.

When rumors surface of treason and assassination plots, the Queen turns to the only men she can trust. Athos, Aramis, d’Artagnan and Porthos will risk their lives for king and country. But will their magnificent valor be enough to save France and a love that Athos cannot deny?

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