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Help us pick a theme.

Morning Readers!

The Coffee Talk Writers and I are open for suggestions. We want to hear what type of contemporary romance you’d like to read about in a possible upcoming anthology. Be it lost loves, guys in sports, businessmen, a dreamy location.

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Welcome to my blog!

So my five year old niece is telling me about her busy schedule.

On Monday it is Monday. I hate Mondays.

On Tuesday it is P.E. day. It’s okay getting up.

On Wednesday I have gymnastics after school and I’m really good at that.

On Thursdays it’s almost Friday.

On Friday it’s party time because we don’t have school tomorrow.

Saturday and Sunday are ‘s’ days. Me and Uncle Danny do something that starts with an ‘s’ – skating, swimming or sledding. I’m really good at those

Then it starts all over on Monday. I hate Mondays. I don’t think summer will ever come.

I hear ya, sista. C’mon Spring

It takes your breath away.

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