5 Days In Paradise

Book Cover: 5 Days In Paradise

Nick DeSilva has been trying to get a job with his brother’s record label for years. Assigned to monitor a thrashing rock band at an exclusive tropical resort, he runs into more trouble than he’d ever expected, especially when Lise McCabe, his former flame, has taken over the whole island.

Lise can’t believe her bad luck. As a wedding planner, she’s sent plenty of happy brides down the aisle, but this time a resort scheduling glitch means she’s got to duke it out for space with one of the hated DeSilvas—a family that almost destroyed her own.

It may take a little magic to sweeten the deal, but somehow Nick and Lise must negotiate to satisfy both their business contracts—and their hearts. Will their battle for control take over their budding passion during these FIVE DAYS IN PARADISE?

Publisher: Sexy Scribblers
Cover Artists:

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