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Saving Grace

Book Cover: Saving Grace

A tortured soul meets a shattered heart…

Chloe Hicks’ life consisted of an egocentric ex-husband, a pile of bills, and an equine business in foreclosure until a fire destroys the stable and her beloved ranch horse. What little hope she has left is smashed after the marshal suspects arson. She escapes the accusing eyes of her hometown, but not the memories and melancholy.

Jackson Hahn, Virginia Beach’s local historian, has his eyes on the mysterious new woman in town. When she enters his office, he is struck by her haunting beauty and the raw pain in her eyes. Her descriptions of the odd events happening in her bungalow pique his curiosity.

The sexy historian distracts Chloe with the legend of a woman wrongly accused of witchcraft. She is drawn to the story and the similarities of events that plagued their lives. Perhaps the past can help heal the present. But danger lurks in the shadows…

Publisher: Plato Publishing

“Saving Grace had me holding my breath until the end and sighing in satisfaction. Aubrey Wynne has created yet another masterpiece in which the past and the present are weaved beautifully together.”               ~~ Kishan Paul, author of The Second Wife series

“I would definitely recommend Saving Grace, and its author, to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, even if they are not fans of historical reads. Kudos to the author for putting together a story that leaves you guessing until the end, and educates the reader just a bit along the way!”                   ~~ Terri McGee, author and Amazon reviewer

“Ms. Wynne combines a contemporary storyline with a touch of history in an intriguing way that blends the two in a seamless manner.”  ~~ RC Cola, Amazon reviewer              

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