Time For Desire

Book Cover: Time For Desire

Love is the most powerful kind of magic… Looking for a costume for Thirsty’s Throwback Revue, songbird Rebekah Anne Carson walks past an antique shop where she spots the perfect outfit for her performance. While in the dressing room, she reaches inside the pocket and discovers an old heart locket that to her confusion has a young photograph of her grandmother inside. When she heads toward the rear of the shop to question the owner, she’s somehow transported back to 1979.

Desperately, Rebekah searches for answers and is mistaken for her grandmother, Anne, who she bears a striking resemblance. Since she’s spent years listening to fascinating tales of her career as a lounge singer, Rebekah decides to assume her identity until she can uncover a passageway back to her own time.

No one knows her secret, and despite the circumstances, Rebekah is living her dream, headlining at a jazz club where she catches the eye of the sexy green-eyed, piano player, Lenox Lovato. The chemistry is explosive. With each passing day, Rebekah’s falling in love, and no longer sure what to do if she does find her way back home. However, when she meets her grandfather, who becomes suspicious, Rebekkah realizes changing the past comes with a personal cost that ultimately might manipulate the fate of her existence. Will she ever find her way home? And even if she does, which time will she choose?

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