To Love’s End

Book Cover: To Love’s End

In 1943, Pilot, Tillman Haskell of the 8th Airforce, 91st Bombardment Group, found himself training in small town Indiana and in love for the very first time. To him, Sandra Hill was the most beautiful and talented girl he’d ever known. A singer, she beguiled the confirmed playboy with her voice and charm. Tillman knew the moment he heard her sing, one day they would wed. For Sandra, the feeling was mutual.

Still reeling from the death of her brother at Pearl Harbor a year and half before, Sandra was devastated when she learned Tillman’s unit had been called up for raids over Germany. Overwrought with worry, she sought the wisdom of her blind aunt, a known seer shunned by Sandra’s family, to help her keep the love of her life safe from harm.

A silver flask and an incantation spoken with intention by the light of the new moon would bring him safely back to Sandra, but the spell had conditions. They could not consummate their love before their vows. If so, they’d be cursed to wait until their souls crossed paths again to find love’s end.

Seventy years later, Henry Towles has decided to ride his motorcycle cross country. A gift to himself after two tours of duty in Afghanistan, he collects trinkets to commemorate the places he’s been. When his Harley throws a rod, he’s forced to spend a few days in a small town in Indiana where he buys a silver flask at a local antique shop.

Heather Stone is a singer-songwriter just back from an unsuccessful stent in Nashville. She waits tables at the local diner by day, gigging at night in the busiest watering hole in the tri-county area. When Heather and Henry’s paths cross late one night at the bar, Henry Towles finds himself inexplicably drawn to the most beautiful voice and charming woman he’s ever heard sing.

When love transcends time, can time transcend love?

Publisher: Sexy Scribblers
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