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Family Forever by Valerie J. Clarizio w/ interview & Giveaway @vclarizio

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Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombly & Interview with Craig Gierish

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Fall Into Darkness
By Valerie Twombly
Release Date: November 9, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Eli lives by his own rules and bows to no one, even when summoned before the Tribunal Seven. They deem the hunter has lost his humanity and sentence the angel to earth with one mission: find some compassion or be condemned to Hell.

Ashley considers herself a freak. With one glance into a person’s eyes, she foresees their death. When an attack brings a handsome stranger to her rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his steel-blue gaze. Fate will bring them together but desire could bond them for eternity.

A Special Heavenly Treat

Who wants to meet the real-life Eli? Valerie Twombly tells us how he came to be on the cover of her latest book. 

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful photographer by the name of Eric David Battershell at RT Booklovers in Dallas this past May. After chatting with him I decided to try my first custom shoot for the cover of Fall Into Darkness. I saw Craig and instantly knew he was it. He fit the image I had of Eli perfectly. I have to say; I’ve grown very fond of him. Let’s face it, not only is he sexy, but smart, and determined. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I have and I certainly hope you enjoy Eli and Ashley’s story.                                                                     ~Valerie Twombly



The ALPHA movement is upon us.

Gone are the days of excuses and reasons not to progress.

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What inspired you to start the site?

I always wondered why there was never a place where adults and children could be educated in a fun, imaginative way TOGETHER. I took it upon myself to bridge this gap! It saddens me to know the amount of misinformation out there.

Supplement companies and the food industry will use clever marketing to sell their products. They do not care for your health. Like any big corporation, they are after only one thing…your money.

Children are brought up to eat what the generations before them ate. As a result, we see a DRASTIC increase in the obesity rate, health risks, and many other problems associated with diet in children and adults alike.

The Alpha Alliance was created to teach not only the benefits of eating healthy and living an active lifestyle, but we also teach how to better yourself in mind, body, and spirit/the belief in yourself to achieve ANYTHING you set out to do. The Alliance will have recipes for adults and children alike. The goal is to make it fun and help set our Lil’ Alphas down a path of success that they can sustain for the rest of their lives, while simultaneously helping to educate the teens and adults on all of the misinformation they have been fed all their lives. Most health problems ARE reversible by making simple life changes. I hope that you will join me and become an ALPHA ALLIANCE RECRUIT once my Web site is ready for launch!

What is your favorite word? Cookie

What is your least favorite word? Can’t

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? I feel I can draw inspiration from anything…most times I cannot turn my brain off! lol

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Well, I have been a firefighter, a personal trainer, a life coach, a model, a Web designer, soon to be a Children’s book author… Should I try astronaut? Lol

How can people help you to achieve your goals?

You can “Like and Share with all of your friends, family, and loved ones” my Alpha Alliance Facebook page. This is where you will get all the content and updates until the Web site is ready to be launched.

Big things are coming, and I hope you will be a part of my journey!

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I truly appreciate all your time and your willingness to listen to my story.




Ashley wandered through Eli’s bedroom, noting how bare it was. Except for a queen four-poster bed, a dresser, and a fireplace, there was nothing else here. She wondered how lonely he must have been to never make a real home in one place. Eva had told her this small cabin in the north woods was always his favorite and that was why she’d asked to be brought here.

After stoking a fire, she donned the short red nightie that hardly covered her breasts and left her long legs exposed. There was no way he could resist, not if he were half as needful as she, and something told her he would be more so. She hoped he’d be so lust ridden he’d complete the bond. Guilt filled her for what she was about to do, but she’d do anything to save him. She’d worry about the aftermath later.

The double-winged tattoo on the back of her hip burned, and she’d learned it meant Eli was close by. Was he watching from a distance? She stepped into the soft light of the fire, knowing it cast a sensual glow across her skin. Yeah, she was pulling out all the stops. A cool breeze whispered across her skin causing her nipples to tighten.

He was here.

She turned, and when her gaze fell upon him standing in the shadows she gasped. His naked chest glistened in the firelight that reflected across the room. A thick rope of muscles coiled just under his skin, and her fingertips itched to touch him. Dark jeans, settled so low on his hips, she could see the dusting of hair that led to his sweet spot. However, it was the massive black wings that stretched out and brushed the ground that really drew her attention. Her fallen angel was dark and sinister, yet every fiber of her being said he’d never harm her. He’d come to her and she was determined to finish what they’d started.

She was determined to save his soul.

“Eli.” She took a step closer.

He flashed a set of fangs. “I’ve never been weak in my entire life, but with you… You are my weakness. Look at me Ashley, I’m one step away from claiming you. Being mated to me will be a fate worse than death.”

Another step. Careful not to scare him off, she stopped short of being able to reach out and touch him. Opening her mind, he could feel everything she did should he choose to. “You’re wrong. Walking away from you would be a worse fate. You’ve touched something deep inside me. Fate brought us together because we need each other.” She took the last step and placed her hands on his chest. He stiffened beneath her touch.

“I need you and I don’t mean just the physical. I mean emotionally as well. You have my heart as well as my body. All of me, it belongs to you.”

His adam’s apple rose and fell then he gripped her waist and tugged her close. He bent his head and slanted his mouth over hers. Sucking her bottom lip through his teeth, he gave a nibble; his fangs gently scraped her sensitive flesh before his tongue slipped inside. She dragged her nails down his chest, and he deepened the kiss. They both became lost in the moment.

Eli broke the kiss and licked his way down her neck and across her clavicle. Ashley tipped her head back on a moan.

“You have on too many clothes,” he whispered.

“Then I suggest you get rid of them,” she urged.

He wasted no time. Gripping the top of her nightie, he ripped it wide open then shoved the satin material off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stood before him, her body bathed in only the firelight.

“You should be laid out on a bed of silk and worshipped. Instead, I tear your clothes from your body.” He unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them to the floor, stepping free from them before he kicked them aside. She started to reach for his erection, but he spun her and pinned her back against the wall. “I can’t stop myself. I’m so damn cold, and I need to feel your warmth wrapped around me.”

“Take what you need.”
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I’m one step away from claiming you.” ~Eli, Fall Into Darkness. Preorder today!

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Author Bio577VALERIE copy_small

Award winning and bestselling author, Valerie Twombly grew up watching Dark Shadows over her mother’s shoulder, and from there her love of the fanged creatures blossomed. Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper. When she is not busy creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a full-time job, hubby, and her two German Shepherd dogs, in Northern IL. Valerie is a member of Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers. She is also the founder of Sexy Scribblers, a group of romance writers who bring readers new and fresh stories every month.

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Daphne Olivier: The Pegasus Project

Pegasus Project_Olivier

The Pegasus Project.

When Jack Randal lands a job with Bells Biological Research Centre, he sets off for the remote South African farm, unaware of the dangers lurking behind the high, electrified fence. It doesn’t take long for him to uncover a top-secret project. When a fellow scientist dies under mysterious circumstances, Jack zeros in on the Pegasus Project. Tension mounts as he probes the dark secret surrounding the genetically modified bio-fuel, and the time comes when he must decide whether to risk his life in order to prevent a global catastrophe.


Bernie Kemp stepped into the greenhouse, closed the door behind him, then leaned back against it and groaned. His head felt about to burst, and the air, heavy with the smell of earth and chemicals, made him gag. The sight of the plants, lined up in their dome-shaped tanks, all waiting for attention, made him feel a thousand times worse.

The hangover was his own fault. He should have listened to Anna. He could hear her voice right now, echoing in his head. “Hey, Bernie, put that bottle away. One more drop and you’ll be blotto. You’ve got to go to work tomorrow. You can’t afford another day off. Not if you want to keep your job.”

Anna was right. Trouble was, the blasted woman was always right. She never tired of telling him how lucky he was to land the job with Bells Biological Research Centre, or of reminding him that he’d never make the kind of money he earned anywhere else.

It was true, all true. But Anna didn’t have to put up with a boss who breathed down the back of her neck, or work with the monstrosities that grew in this greenhouse. Bernie stared at them now—long rows of grey-green weirdoes, each in its own airtight tank, most sprouting pods that looked more like mushrooms than flowers. Or brightly coloured toadstools, some red, some yellow, some purple, some a mottled nondescript shade.

Bernie had no idea why it was necessary to grow the plants in a state-of-the-art greenhouse where water, nutrients and temperature were rigidly controlled. Or why he was supposed to wear goggles, mask and gloves when working with them. Bernie gave a fleeting thought to putting them on, then shrugged. He was damned if he was going to strap that heavy contraption around his head. Not while it ached like hell. Who would know the difference? Not Brandt. The big boss seldom inspected the plants before midday, and the chance of anyone else passing by was next to nil.

Bernie didn’t ask questions. He did what he was told—no more, no less. His job was to measure the height of each plant, count the pods and record the data—a never-ending task because the bloody things grew so fast. It was a backbreaking job at the best of times, but today, with a sledgehammer banging away inside his head, just thinking about what lay ahead made him shudder. What he wanted more than anything was to crawl into bed and stay there until the hangover wore off.

What he wanted and what had to be done were two different things, but it occurred to him that it wouldn’t do any harm to take a nip of the hair-of-the-dog first. In fact, Bernie felt quite sure it would do him a great deal of good.

He reached into his pocket and brought out the half-jack he’d had the foresight to place there before leaving home.  He unscrewed the cap and took a quick gulp. The brandy rolled over his tongue and slid down his throat, burning all the way down. The second gulp spread a warm glow through his body. He hesitated, then shrugged and took a third big swallow. This time his vision blurred—not a good sign, but on the plus side his headache seemed a bit better. Yes, definitely. Not altogether gone, but faded to the point where he could almost bear it. That decided him. With a quick look around to make sure no one was near, he lifted the bottle and kept it pressed to his lips till the last drop was gone.

Bernie flung the bottle under one of the many trestles running the length of the greenhouse. No one would see it there, lying among the maze of vats and pipes and pumps that delivered just the right amount of water and nutrients into the tanks above. No one would see it, and the way he felt right then he didn’t give a damn if they did.

He stood swaying and blinking, doing his best to focus on one of the double images that kept swimming into view. Then, with a determined effort, he lurched down the centre aisle toward the bank of taps and dials that lined the far wall. He almost made it. Had it not been for the coil of hose lying on the floor he’d have got there, no trouble at all. But his foot caught in the tangled coils and he went flying, arms spread wide. Down he went with an almighty crash. Two crashes actually, because one of the dome-shaped tanks went down with him.

Stunned, he lay there staring in bewilderment at the splintered glass and the plant with purple and red pods that lay crushed and broken beside him. Then, with a curse, he pushed himself up to his feet.

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About Daphne Olivier

I have always wanted to write, but nursing, raising a family and farming got in the way, and it was only when I retired that I was able to follow my dream. From an early age, I read everything I could lay hands on—biography, fantasy, historical fiction, thriller, mythology, science fiction or the classics. My novels reflect this wide interest for I write in several different genre`—thriller, science fiction, YA, memoir and historical fiction. I live in a small town in South Africa with my husband and two dogs.

What inspired you to write your current novel?

I’ve spent most of my life on a farm so when I set out to write a thriller I naturally turned to agriculture as a theme.  As GMOs are so much in the news these days, I set out to research the subject. And the more I discovered, the more fascinating the subject became. The Pegasus Project is the result of that research. It’s a story about the search for a bio-fuel that will replace our reliance on oil and what might happen if that research fell into the wrong hands.

Is there a hidden message in your story and if so what is it?

I didn’t set out to include a message, but hope that those who read it will be more aware of the pros and cons of GMOs and the effect they have on our lives.

How do balance writing with all of life’s responsibilities?  Which ones do you have to juggle?

I write whenever time permits and often get up in the small hours to catch up on my schedule.

What is your favorite quote?

Writing is easy. All you have to do is sit and stare at a sheet of paper till drops of blood ooze from your forehead.

What is the one thing about a book that will make you close the cover and not finish it?

Too much description and back-story in the opening paragraphs. If the author doesn’t hook me right at the start, I close the book and put it away.

What do you see as your next project and when can we expect it?

My latest novel, Thunder on the Veldt, (a story about the Anglo-Boer War) is due for release by Mélange Books in March 2014.

Keep in touch with Daphne:

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Twitter:  @Dafol2


Other books by Daphne Olivier:

The Peacock Throne –  published by Wild Child Publishers


The Kennaway Woman –  published by Mélange Books


The Way it was – published by Mélange Books



Premier Fantasy author Belinda Mellor

I’d like to welcome world traveler and fellow author Belinda Mellor. Her debut novel, Silvana The Greening was released in December of 2013.

Aubrey: Tell us something about yourself and your travels, Belinda.

 Belinda: I was born in England, lived for many years in Ireland and now live with my family on a lifestyle block near Nelson in New Zealand; a place we came to on holiday some years back and forgot to leave. I studied theology at uni and applied spirituality a few years later, and have been known to teach from time to time. These days I do a fair bit of freelance editing, when I’m not goat milking or egg collecting.

Aubrey: Sounds like you keep pretty busy at home. How did you get interested in writing? Or have you always considered yourself an author?

Belinda: At the age of five I won a school award for ‘free expression’ and have not stopped writing since.  In 1998, I was a winner of an inaugural Ian St. James Literary award, 3rd overall, and one of the twelve finalists whose short stories were published in an anthology ‘At the Stroke of Twelve’ by Collins (as they then were). It was quite a big deal, with celebrity judges and presenters and fairly substantial prizes.

Since then I have had numerous pieces published in magazines and newspapers and a play for children performed by a theatre-in-education company.

AubreySilvana-The Greening is your first published novel. Before you go, tell us a little about your story.

Belinda: It is a gentle fantasy spanning 30 years. It tells the story of Fabiom, a young nobleman, and Casandrina, a tree spirit – a Silvana.

Since the four-year-old boy had hidden, terrified, beneath her tree, Casandrina hoped Fabiom would dare to love her when he came of age. But risking his life, or his sanity, to win a Silvana’s hand is only the start of Fabiom’s problems. A bitter mother, economic espionage, feuds with other holders, and the unwanted attention of a powerful woman will test their relationship.

Besides true love, Silvana is a story of growth, silk-making, archery, poetry, and the beauty of nature.

Aubrey: Is your novel part of a series?  Can you tell me a little about the world you’ve created?

Belinda: Silvana started life as a single novel – spanning fifty-odd years – a fantasy biography of Fabiom, the Lord Holder of Deepvale in the land of Morene who risks everything for the love of a Tree Lady, Casandrina, the Silvana of the title. But, over time, the story grew and grew so that, in the end, it became two novels and Fabiom and Casandrina’s son, Lesandor, became the main character in the second. I called the two parts The Greening and The Turning after the two main festivals of Morene’s year, marking the start of spring and autumn. I am currently editing the second book and – all being well – it will be out by the end of this year. That was supposed to be it, until a couple of months ago when I suddenly knew what happened next! So now I am writing Book 3, tentatively called Restoration, which will be another generation on.

Aubrey: What inspired you to write your current novel?

Belinda: As for inspiration, I’d have to say a mixture of love of nature – especially trees, romanticism, and a fondness for classical history and mythology. The society Silvana is based on borrows heavily from Ancient Greece, which I think complements the dryad-like nature of the non-human characters.

Aubrey: What do you think readers will enjoy most about your novel?

Belinda: The feedback I’ve had since The Greening was released has been interesting, to say the least. A number of people have told me that they don’t normally read fantasy but really enjoyed reading the book and want to know when part 2 will be out. So that’s great! As for what I’d like them to get – well, Fabiom falls in love with the wildwood and is happy to be lost there, and that’s what I want readers to feel: in love with the story and the characters, and happy to be lost in their world.

Once heard, the song of a Silvana can never be forgotten.


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“I have made a decision,” Fabiom said, half reluctant to reveal his intention yet wanting, needing, to share his thoughts with someone. He was well aware that if he did not take this opportunity there might never be another.

Nalio stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

“It’s fifteen days to my seventeenth birth anniversary.” He looked at Nalio meaningfully and indeed there was little need for him to say more.

Nalio almost laughed. “Sleep in the woods? You are joking? You’re not joking, are you? Fabiom – you can’t. How can you even think of trying to win a Silvana now?”

“Now? It’s not as if there’s any other chance. It’s fifteen days from today or not at all.”

“My advice? Choose not at all.”

“I can’t. Truly, Nalio, I can’t. I tried –”

“What do you mean, you tried?”

“I came here to the woods to say farewell, to accept I had to live in the world of men and take up the responsibilities my father left me. Instead I found another piece of amber, and the words would not come.

“That night, I tried to imagine my life if I didn’t at least make the attempt, and I couldn’t – I couldn’t imagine anything.”

“You risk much. Only son of a high house. Heir to a grand holding and a deal of responsibility.”

“I know all that,” Fabiom replied rather shortly, challenging Nalio to tell him something he did not already know.

Nalio did not oblige. “May I ask why? I mean, I know we all daydream about doing such a thing; I certainly did, even after I met Eifa. I doubt there’s a boy who hasn’t. But fantasising about wedding a Silvana and actually presenting yourself in the woods on your seventeenth birth eve are two very different things. And that difference is what makes most of us forego the imagined delights of being in the arms of a Tree Lady – for the sake of our continued sanity, or our life, for that matter. 

Keep in touch with Belinda Mellor:


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Meet historical fiction author Carmen Stevens

Interview with historical fiction author Carmen Stevens, debut novel Anne.

By Aubrey Wynne


 Carmen Gross, pen name Carmen Stevens, was born in Fargo, ND, March 1992. She currently resides in Detroit Lakes, MN, where she works and attends college full time. Carmen published her novel “Anne” in July 2013-an exciting, richly written historical work about a young English girl who makes many bad choices throughout her life and then struggles to find redemption.

Aubrey: I am pleased to introduce  Carmen Stevens. As a history buff, I am always intrigued by a captivating story with historic base. I love being able to fall back into the heroin’s time period and feel as if I’m there. As an author, the research can be as exciting as the actual story. What do you think readers will enjoy most about your novel, Anne

Carmen: I think that a reader who likes historical fiction will be delighted further when they find out that my book contains English history, mystery, tragedy, and suspense. The title character is very complex and I think it would be difficult for the reader to ascertain what move she will make next.

Aubrey: Anne sounds like a compelling story. What was the hardest part about writing this novel?

Carmen: For this novel, I had to really perform a lot of research on British history, since the entire novel takes place in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I also wanted the story to be as perfect as it could be, so I took many plot and character notes and paged through the notes enough so that today this book of notes isn’t in very good shape.

Aubrey: What piece of advice would you give a new author?

Carmen: I would tell them to work hard, be patient, and don’t give up. You will reap what you sow, eventually.

Aubrey: Good advice for all of us. Is being an author your primary career?

Carmen: No, it’s not. I’m currently attending college studying law; I’d like to be a paralegal.

Aubrey: What is the one thing about a book that will make you close the cover and not finish it?

Carmen: I won’t finish a book if it’s badly written or just doesn’t interest me anymore.

Aubrey: I agree. There are too many good books on my TBR list. If you could have a super power, which one would you want?

Carmen: I’d want to see into the future, I think. I wonder a lot about what the future holds for me and the rest of the world.

Aubrey: Describe yourself in three words.

Carmen: Shy, bubbly, and hard-working.

Aubrey: Thank you so much for joining us today on Coffee Talk. I wish you the best of luck with your debut novel.

Connect with Carmen:

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She had not been there at the time. She had not the courage to go back. She knew how she could not, anyway. Why would she want to? Her father was nothing but a selfish, sadistic drunkard, always abusing her, always devouring that whiskey. Yet she knew the impulse to rush back and the sudden desire to do so.

Why did Anne suddenly feel like her life was changed?

Her young nose sniffed the thick air cautiously. Was that the stink of old London bathing itself in one of its filthy baths of smoke and fog, or the defective redolence of brick being eaten by a fast fire? Whichever it was, she had to turn back. If her learned instincts whispered to her truly and that comfortless beast of a house was crumbling down onto its firm foundation, perhaps her paltry father had crumbled down on his shaking foundation as well, within it. The horrible building had always been, after all, a rather disconsolate, unwieldy object for Anne in her rather unreliable life. Her father had been no different, yet she had still learned to live fluently and somewhat successfully in the fearful world of London. She knew strongly in her heart, thus, that she could continue to faithfully persevere, no matter what event fate would next throw her way.

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