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City 55 By William Pinecroft

City 55 by William Pinecroft


City 55 Description
When society crumbles, the Proxy rises.

But safety has a price, and in 2039, that price is individuality. Since the world’s countries united under a single entity known only as the World Government, diversity has slowly but surely begun to fade away, giving way to efficiency, modernity, and a life bound to order. Biometric chips link the populace to a universal collective subconscious. Those who can find the strength to defy are seized by sentinels that patrol the streets round the clock. Soon, the old ways are lost forever.

Charlie Huff has never known any different. A victim of the new world order, he has long since lost the thrill that comes with a unique thought. But while it seems everyone else has been completely indoctrinated, Charlie begins to wonder if this is truly all there is.

The government has been careful. It has been methodical. It never expected rebellion.

In City 55, a region birthed from the ruins of San Francisco, Charlie Huff soon finds himself thrust to the edge of sanity while fighting to survive. With the arrival of his perfect girl and the support of his longtime friend, Charlie is pushed to question the status quo, realizing for the first time since childhood that the world should be different. With the World Government always watching, and its despot extending her web of control further than ever before, what hope can an otherwise unimpressive paramedic have to change things?
Pitted against the most powerful government the world has ever seen and struggling to understand his newfound love, Charlie wrestles with the most important question of his life: Should he challenge what has become the norm or should he settle for what has been?


City 55 Excerpt
Charlie couldn’t decide if the prospect of the day excited him or intimidated him. At one point in his life, he would have been excited. At another, he couldn’t have cared less. Now, he found himself pondering the meaning of life with all its nonsense. He couldn’t explain what brought this on or why such thoughts consumed him. In the past, he’d been content to let the flow be his guide, indifferent to what happened around him or who entered his life. If he was happy, that was justification enough.
Some would say, tricking yourself to not care is ideal. Others might say, it’s a coping mechanism to filter what you can’t handle. For Charlie, it may have been a bit of both and a way to avoid worrying over things beyond his control. Lately, this approach was failing, and he found himself increasingly disaffected with the world. It wasn’t the people, but more the way in which people had become, their passions now devoted to that which was expected. He couldn’t shake it. It
had become consuming.
These despondent thoughts tumbled through his brain while Charlie stared up at the ceiling to find an answer. He sat there, disheveled from having just woken up, boxers around his ankles and his brain fuzzy from last night’s six-pack. If only he could remain here in this spot, safe from the afternoon drizzle beyond his window. He finally summoned the strength to conclude his reflections,
signaling the end with a hearty flush of the toilet. Charlie jumped to his feet in defiance of this mounting despair. He would take control of the day, external factors be damned. Triumphantly he planted his feet, the master of his destiny, a master that fell face first into the bathroom wall.
Charlie yanked at his boxers as he struggled to his knees, rubbing his forehead to dull the throbbing pain. He gripped the countertop, fearful that his pounding head was a foretelling of the day. He looked into the bathroom mirror, examining his face and pulled at the skin around his neck.
He had slacked off the last couple of years. Charlie had managed to put on a few pounds, which had begun to show ever so slightly around his chin. It wasn’t that he was lazy. In fact, he was anything but. It just hadn’t mattered to him for a while to take care of himself. He was preoccupied with other things that seemed more relevant. It wouldn’t take long for Charlie to get back to his old self. That’s
what he told himself, at least. He just needed something to push him, to make him want to change.




About the author:
Colorado-based author William Pinecroft remains drawn to science fiction owing to its ability to present the world with an alternate reality that may come to exist but can’t be reached or perceived.
Having journeyed the globe from the Pacific to Afghanistan to Africa, whether staying in five star resorts or a backpacker’s tent, he is no stranger to exploration, viewing different cultures from varying perspectives.
His active lifestyle involves skydiving, surfing, and funnily enough a bunch of other activities that start with the letter “s”. Despite it all, he will never overlook the joy of leaving everything behind and getting lost in the woods. With a geek’s passion for new gadgets and a deep fellowship to punk rock, he thrives off constant learning while at the same time remaining keen to investigate beyond what is immediately apparent.
William’s first novel, City 55, is a science fiction tale set in 2039 that delves into a crumbling society controlled by an ever-watchful World Government. The work is a fusion of his experiences, passions and creative imagination that urges the reader to think deeper and search for meaning beyond the surface.
City 55 encourages the reader to share in the protagonist’s conflicts of sanity, love and morality.
William enjoys challenging archetypes and social models, consistently inviting the reader to do the same. This ability to confront thought-provoking subjects along with his unique creativity mean he is able to draw his readers into a world that they may have never before contemplated. His next book is a semi-fictional biography that will combine truth with outlandish fiction. At least that’s the hope.

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