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Reader Appreciation Giveaway: $150 Amazon Gift Card & Mystery Swag


Baseball, lemonade, swimsuits, tanning lotion and gift cards. YES! It’s a reader appreciation giveaway.

My friends and I want to make your summer even better with a chance to win a $150 gift card and mystery swag package! Hint: Sabrina York is notorious for her tiaras.

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime… Okay, now that the song is stuck in my head, I’ll make sure it’s stuck in yours too! Click here for an oldie but goodie by The Jamies:


Do you prefer something more recent? How about Pontoon by Little Big Town. That always gets me in the mood for a lazy summer afternoon. Click here:


Enter our rafflecopter for a chance to win, and discover great authors and amazing reader blogs! Click the names below to visit and explore!




Cynthia D’Alba

Cerise DeLand

Tina Donahue

Desiree Holt

Jennifer Kacey

Heather Long

Kishan Paul

Jayne Rylon

Valerie Twombly

Paige Tyler

Aubrey Wynne

Sabrina York


I am Indeed

Night Owl Reviews

Riverina Romantics

In addition to the gift card, I am giving away an ebook copy of my award winning short story Pete’s Mighty Purty Privies  to a random commenter! Do your summertime plans include an outhouse? What is your favorite summer song?

Petes promo coverPete's award


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