Small Town Vintage Romance


                                          Saving Grace

An Enchanted Keepsakes Novel

The ghost of the Pungo Witch meets a shattered heart…
Jackson Hahn, Virginia Beach’s local historian, has his eyes on the mysterious new woman in town. When she enters his office, he is struck by her haunting beauty and the raw pain in her eyes. Her descriptions of the odd events happening in her bungalow pique his curiosity.

Chloe Hicks’ life consisted of an egocentric ex-husband, a pile of bills, and an equine business in foreclosure until a fire destroys the stable and her beloved ranch horse. What little hope she has left is smashed after the marshal suspects arson. She escapes the accusing eyes of her hometown, but not the memories and melancholy.

The sexy historian distracts Chloe with the legend of a woman wrongly accused of witchcraft. She is drawn to the story and the similarities of events that plagued their lives. Perhaps the past can help heal the present. But danger lurks in the shadows…



Romance in Ridgecrest Series


Ivy Lane

Eloise Kolby dreams of being an actress in 1950’s Hollywood. But when her script-writer boyfriend leaves for Italy without her, she accepts an invitation to look over an inherited house in a small town outside LA. Soon she’s exploring small town life with postman Victor Burnham. Will steady and true trump Hollywood glamor? And whose heart will Eloise stamp ‘return to sender’?

“A high five to Aubrey Wynne for a well developed historical romance set in an intriguing setting of the 1950s.” ~~ Renate, Goodreads Review

“A heart warming feel good love story straight from the 50’s…” ~~ Donna Thornley, Goodreads Review

“Aubrey Wynne’s heart-warming story set in the 1950’s will hook you from the first page and never let you go!” ~~ Shelly R. Pickens, author of the YA series: The Haunting of Secrets.

It takes your breath away.