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Earl of Sunderland

Book Cover: Earl of Sunderland

He loves the title of rake, she loves her independence... Fate loves a challenge.

Grace Beaumont has seen what love can do to a woman. Her mother died, producing a coveted son late in life. A devastated father and newborn brother force Grace to take on the role of Lady Beaumont and all of its responsibilities. But Grace finds she enjoys the freedom and power of her new status—minus the husband.
Christopher Roker, the Earl of Sunderland, has been surrounded by title-hunting chits all of his life. It is a point of pride to be the oldest, unattached member of the Wicked Earls’ Club. When Kit is sent on assignment for a club member, he stops to inspect a recently inherited property in the northern England. When the neighboring beauty arrives with her tales of murder and hauntings, he’s intrigued and charmed.

As they search the castle for its secrets, the earl soon realizes Grace is much more captivating than an old legend. But as Kit’s desire grows, the lady backs away, presenting a contest of wills that he is determined to win.


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